The story of The Shoeshop in Zermatt


The business was founded in 1952 by Mrs. Veronika Kunkel and her sister Pia and was run by them until 1960. They sold shoes for every need, from elegant pumps to rubber boots and slippers and the world-famous Swiss brand "Bally".
At that time the shop was called Schuhaus Biner, because both women were born Biner.

From 1961 onwards, Hans Kunkel (Veronika's husband) continued to run the shop and enlarged the sales and storage areas. In addition, Hans expanded the range of goods and now also sold mountain and hiking boots and foamed ski boots and became the local specialist in this area.


In the '80s his two sons Peter and Richard joined the company.
In 1986 it was decided that the aging shop Schuhaus Biner should undergo a complete renovation and this was realized with the very well known shopfitter Franz Ober fromEn 1986, il a été décidé que le magasin vieillissant Schuhaus Biner devait subir une rénovation complète et celle-ci a été réalisée avec le très célèbre installateur Franz Ober de Ober&Ober.
In July 1986, the shop was reopened in its new splendour and its, for that time, very modern and avant-garde look with the name Schuhpark Zermatt.
The offer became very fashionable but also sporty, ideal for international customers from all over the world and unique in the Alpine region. In the middle of winter, of course, not only the most beautiful winter shoes for the snow were found, but also the latest and fresh spring fashions, which surprised the customers very much. One has to imagine that in winter, in the world-famous ski resort Zermatt, in which at that time there were meters of snow, one could already find the coloured and fashionable summer novelties in the Schuhpark Zermatt, which was unique in the whole Alpine area.


In 1995 Peter and Muriel Kunkel revamped and modernized the shop.


From 2003 onwards, both children Noémie and Corentin Kunkel helped out in selling on weekends and holidays during their studies.

At the same time in 2003 the shop was modernised again and presented itself in a new southern Mediterranean look, which it has kept until today, with its terracotta coloured floor, the sunny yellow coloured walls and the sky blue ceiling in which everything is reflected, and the new name The Shoeshop.


In mid-July 2004, an outlet called Step In was opened on the first floor, where customers could find fashionable goods at greatly reduced prices.

This is the history and the transformation from the Schuhhaus Biner to today's fashionable The Shoeshop with its exclusive and specially made shoe models «Made in Italy».